Roof damage after a storm: What can you do?

You can never tell when a weather disaster hits your home or your location, that’s why you should be prepared at all costs. You need to invest in the right roofing material and the right people who would do the job for you. However, Mother Nature can be surprising at times and sometimes even with the right preparation and investments, you will have damages. So, what can damages can you expect when a natural disaster happens? 

  • Damage from wind: wind can damage your roof through a lot of natural disasters. Winds that are too strong can blow away your roofing material, especially with very strong storms, even a clay tile moves and most part of your roof will be damaged or removed. Sometimes roof damage can be acquired through the pressure the wind can bring into your roof and this especially happens in very strong thunderstorms. This will lift your roof away and can even make your windows burst.  


  • Damage from HailWhen hail becomes the size of an inch, it can actually start to damage your roof. The hail damage can break your roof as it damages through a number of marks and can lead to breakage. As the size of the hail increases, you should expect more damage. This can lead to a lot of repairs and sometimes a need to replace your roof if the damage is too much for it to function right. There are a number of roof material varieties and if you have the one that’s metal, you should expect a leak eventually when hail becomes too big to pierce right into your roof. 


I know you are not a roofer and it takes some climbing up your roof to know the situation up there. So what can you do to know if there has been damage done after you encountered a storm? 

  1. Look for any roof material on the ground: If you have looked around your house after a storm and found bits and pieces of roofing materials lying around your yard or worse your roof, then you should check more because you will be expecting a lot more damage if your house’s cover is damaged. 
  1. Look for leakage: If you see that you roof’s intact but have observed some leaks inside your home, this means the roof you invested in was strong enough to resist further damage, however, you may need to fix the leaks. 
  1. Safety should be your utmost priority:  Roof damage can be a very dangerous situation. You can stay grounded if you think too much of your house covering has been damaged because this can lead to injuries. 

When you are in a situation where you roof is damaged and needs some fixing, Honolulu roofing is your one call away. Call them now through 808-207-3818. If you have lesser damage and you need time to observe your home more, you can take your time and check on possible leaks if there are any, however if you ever find one, you can check on PAMALU Roofing for more details and book an appointment convenient for you, serving all island in Hawaii!